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Google’s Developer Policy Centre has received a refresh overnight, with Google announcing they’ve cleaned things up to make it easier to find information like policies, as well as giving it a lick of a Material Design overhaul.

The overhaul was in response to developer feedback, who were finding it difficult to find information like the developer policies, which when easier to find helps keep Google Play an ‘open, safe and enjoyable ecosystem’. The highlights of the update include:

  • Thematic organization of policies, so it is easier for developers to find relevant policies and understand the broad principles behind them
  • Visual examples and detailed guidelines for the most common violations based on developer feedback
  • Expanded information on our policy enforcement to help resolve violations
  • A visual refresh embracing Material Design to help developers more intuitively find the information they are looking for on mobile or desktop


The update is live right now, so if you’re a developer – or just keen for a sticky beak – you can check it out now.

Source: Google Developers BlogGoogle Policies Page.