Google’s annual developer conference, Google IO, is coming around again, and it’s just over two months away (77 days, to be precise). Google have updated their events website and Google IO 2016 is now live. Better yet, registration will open in a couple of days — its open from 9am PST on 8 March until 5pm PST on 10 March. For those Australians wanting to register, that window is 3am on Wednesday 9 March until 12 noon on Friday 11 March.

As in previous years, getting into Google IO requires some sort of divine intervention; Google’s raffle-style registration runs again in 2016, so you need to throw your hat into the ring within the registration window to have a chance. Those selected to attend must pay the US$900 ticket fee, which gets you entry to the three-day event and the afterparty as well (which, we’ve heard, is quite fun).

Google IO 2016 will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheater this year, instead of the Moscone Centre, and the event itself will run 18 to 20 May. Of course, Google will be streaming just about all of it, including the keynote address and other announcements. We had Dan at IO last year, and our hope is to have him (or more of us) there this year, because with history as a guide, lots of relevant news comes out of IO and we want to bring it to you first hand.

Not sure if Google IO would be fun? Take it from us, it is, but if that’s not enough, check out the highlight reel from last year:

Source: Google IO.
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Gregory Williams

I can’t wait!! Fingers crossed for big announcements 🙂