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Bling - Google Play Movies
Google loves a good freebie giveaway and if you’re wanting something for the kids to watch this weekend, check out the new full length animated movie Bling which is now available for free on Google Play Movies.

Bling is a movie about Sam a mechanic at a robot theme park who’s trying to propose to his childhood sweetheart, a news anchor on TV. But when a super villian interrupts, the proposal trying to destroy the city and the engagement ring is swapped with a Super Bling Ring which controls his robot army, Sam has to step up and save the day. The trailer for the movie lays it out:

The movie stars a few big names like Taylor Kitsch (I loved his Gambit in Wolverine and also John Carter of Mars) as well as Jon Heder, Tom Green (ok, I hated Freddie Got Fingered) and Jason Mewes (Snootchie Bootchies), but it doesn’t seem to be a major picture with the IMDB entry surprisingly sparse.

Nevertheless, the movie is free for a limited time over on Google Play Movies, so head over and add it to your library while it’s up.

Source: Google Play.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart

They also have 50% off a movie rental until 17th March. got this movie and rental while I was there.

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