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HTC are continuing their slow increase in marketing ahead of an anticipated HTC One M10 announcement in the next month or two with the release of a new teaser video via their social channels. With the hashtag #powerof10, the new video talks about their drive to stay up all night and obsess over their product development.

There’s precious little mention of actual product in the video, so we’re left to speculate, but with the flagship race pretty clearly defined, HTC’s M10 is going to have to include the top-shelf specifications to keep up. With LG and Samsung opting for Snapdragon 820 (or equivalent Exynos chips in Samsung’s case for some markets), 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage as standard, HTC is going to have to bring its A-game. It isn’t just about specs though; beautiful design counts for something, and though HTC has made design mis-steps before, it’s corrected those and it still remains a pretty good example of what can be done with a hunk of metal — both HTC’s One M7 and One M8 were great, though the One M9 a bit less so.

In terms of timing, there isn’t any. HTC remained mum on speculation at Mobile World Congress, with company representatives pleading ignorance of any new flagship announcement. However, all signs point to something in the next couple of months, because to launch later would leave the flagship race already run and won.

Come on, HTC. We know you can do it.


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I’d really like HTC to make a knockout phone this year after the (imo) misstep last year.

The S7 and G5 are great on paper, but i dont know, something about the both of them just don’t interest me a whole lot. Can’t put my finger on it, but I was more excited by the S6 and G4 last year (and ended up getting both of them), but this year I’ll be giving the G5/S7 a miss. So I’m hoping HTC can produce something special.


HTC did have a great phone last year. It had great specifications and features. Better still, it was not going to be at a premium price. It was called the HTC One A9. Unfortunately, they decided not to release it into Australia, after advertising it on their website one must add. So I too am waiting to see what they do this year but I fear that each year, they are becoming more irrelevant to the landscape. Pity.