Google Cast
Google loves data, and they’ve announced a new set of tools for developers who have incorporated Google Cast into their apps, with a new analytics tool now available to use.

There’s a variety of metrics available in the analytics page including the number of Cast devices that have launched their app, the number of Cast sessions your app has participated in and the average length of media playback per session. These metrics can be broken down by country or platform.


The Google Cast metrics have a broader scope than just Chromecast these days, with Google Cast enabled devices incorporating speakers from companies such as LG and Sony and of course Android TV embedded SmartTVs with Google Cast receivers growing rapidly. These metrics allow developers to find out just how popular Casting is in their apps and how much attention they should devote to it.

To access the analytics, developers have to go to the Google Cast SDK Developer Console and click the ‘View’ link in the ‘Application’ table under ‘Statistics’ for your app.

Source: Google Developers.