DC Animated
Google Play Movies recently began selling bundles of movies, and for the most part they’re pretty good deals. The latest bundle to appear is a 25 movie bundle of all of DC Comics animated films for just $84.99.

The deal isn’t bad at all considering the individual price of the movies which are around $7-$8 per movie, or as Google Play points out normally $399.75. Pricing of the movie pack is absolutely generous when you look at the US pack which is priced at $99.95USD – in those terms it’s a bargain alone.

There’s some really good movies in this series including Batman Year One, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Justice League: Flashpoint, and those are just the ones I’ve personally viewed.

If you’re a comic fan, these are a good deal so head over and grab the pack from Google Play Movies.

Source: Google Play Movies.
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    Benjamin Dobell

    I’ve recently watched a lot of these thanks to Netflix (+ Getflix). Would totally agree that they’re worth a watch. Even if animated films aren’t your thing I think you’ll be surprised how good these are.