Parrot has today announced availability of their high-end Bluetooth headphones, with the headphones heading to retailers later this month.

The headphones were announced at IFA last September where Parrot showed off the latest in their line of Zik headphones. The headphones are Bluetooth with NFC to help pair the headphones to your device, though they’re also compatible with all audio and video systems using a three-point mini jack cable for connection.

Here at Ausdroid we’ve reviewed both the Gen 1 Parrot Zik and more recently the Parrot Zik 2.0 and quite frankly we’re in love. The Parrot Zik 3 promises to be even better with some of the enhancements included in the Zik 3.0 added in response to customer feedback; enhancements like the addition of wireless Qi charging allowing you to charge the headphones in 2 hours.

The Zik 3 headphones retain the capacative panel on the side of the headphone, allowing you to control tvolume by simply swiping your finger. You can also tap to pause or swipe to change tracks. The Headphones also pause music when you take them off and resum when back on your head.

Phillipe Starcke has been involved in the design of all three generations of Zik headphones, this time around offering different textured materials including a Crocodile texture, in black, brown, emerald green or red, an Overstitched detail style in black or ivory and finally in a leather-grain finish, in black and brown.

Parrot has also added in features to their Parrot Zik app available in Google Play which adds in Android Wear (and Apple Watch) functions giving you the opportunity to adjust noise cancelling levels or the sound profiles and the equalizer from your wrist.

The sound profiles and noise cancelling on the Zik 3 are top of the line, with 7 microphones built into the headphones, of which 4 are used for acoustic noise cancelling.

The Parrot Zik 3 are available to pre-order now with stock expected in-store later this month. They’re not cheap though with the headphones priced at RRP AU$599.99/NZ$629.00.

Source: Parrot.
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    Björn Rostron

    Love my Parrot Zik 2.0s though don’t think its worth the upgrade.


    I have the original Zik’s and I’m not sure mine are worth upgrading from. they sound amazing. my only criticism is the weight of them makes them a bit uncomfortable when wearing for a long time. Dan, how did the Zik 3 feel? Lighter than 1?