Sony Xperia
As promised last month, Sony’s rollout of Marshmallow to their Xperia Z series has begun, with Sony announcing the rollout of Marshmallow to the Xperia Z5, as well as the Z4 Tablet and the Z3+.

The update was announced by Sony on Twitter, with Xperia Blog getting into the nitty gritty of the update. The Twitter announcement advises the devices that will see the update, but also says the rollouts are staged, hopefully setting expectation levels for when the update will arrive on the tablet and phones.

The update for the Xperia series looks to be based on Android 6.0 – no new Emoji for you – but does include the major features of Marshmallow like Doze mode for power saving and the modified permissions settings. The Sony update also includes the February security updates, which is a bit of a miss considering the March updates were released today.

Of course the Xperia Z3+ never launched in Australia and as we found out last month only the Xperia Z4 Tablet is mentioned in the latest software update post from Telstra , with no mention from either Optus, and Vodafone about the Xperia Z5 either.

Settle in for a while folks, but we’ll keep an eye out for the update to hit our Xperia Z5 review units soon.

Source: Sony Mobile.
Via: Xperia Blog.
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    David Eyland

    Any news on Vodafone releasing Marshmallow to Z5 yet? Waiting patiently, but starting to contemplate drastic flashing measures…


    It’s happening!!!


    Meanwhile, still waiting for the Stagefright bug fix for the Telstra Z3. :'(


    Patiently waiting for the Z3 Tablet compact to receive the update…

    Phill Edwards

    Me too. Not sure if I should be holding my breath or not.

    Michael Moran

    Ditto. Love this tablet !! Only issue is having only 16GB of internal storage and the incessant ‘internal storage is 75% full’ message. Hopefully with Marshmallow we’ll get the ability to treat the SD as internal storage.