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Google has today announced a new service for mobile, dedicated to finding you the right information including flights and accommodation all from your mobile phone. Called Destinations on Google, just tell Google mobile search where you’re going and add the word ‘destination’ or ‘vacation’ to your intended destination to start.

Destinations on Google is mobile only, because that’s really where the majority of searches are coming from these days. Destinations on Google will give you prices and dates for both flights and accommodation when they’re cheapest next. Once you’re decided on a destination, you can actually filter through results, selecting dates for your trip, how many people are travelling with you and how much you want to spend.

Destinations on Google utilises Google’s other services like Google Flights, and Hotel Search to deliver information relevant to your planned trip.

Unfortunately, the service is either US only, or hasn’t been switched on here down under just yet. But there’s still a lot to like about Destinations on Google.

We do get quite a bit of information about the destination, including suggested itineraries, as well as links to search for flights, accommodation and restaurants at your destination. These searches simply start a standard mobile search for flights etc. Below these suggested search terms you’ll find a map of your desired destination and more information like the weather at times of the year.

All up this seems to be a conglomeration of a variety of Google services rolled into a nice, neat easily searchable service to organise your next holiday. While all the pieces aren’t in place yet for Australia, it seems there’s a lot of great stuff there on mobile to at least start planning your next holiday.

Source: Google Blog.