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Google has today announced a new addition to their Spotlight Stories collection, announcing ‘On Ice’ is launching in the app later today.

The new story has been directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Shannon Tindle and tells the story of an over-the-top, sci-fi themed ice show, who’s star and laser sword remind us of Star W… well, something. The performance is interrupted when the star finds he’s competing for the spotlight with a bear!

Spotlight Stories, are a fully 360° visual and auditory experience with exciting things happening all around which can be best experienced using Google Cardboard. The story even includes a homage to Queen! As you’re watching the video, you can also catch any action you missed on the main stage up on the giant Jumbotron – just look up.

The ice-skating techniques take some liberties in terms of reality, but they’re also surprisingly accurate for the most part. It’s a great looking story, just watch the trailer to see what you think.

The new Spotlight Story will appear in the Spotlight Stories app later today. The list of devices compatible with Spotlight Stories has been updated since last we checked to now include the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Update: This line was changed to reflect the newly updated list of Nexus devicesThere are some limitations on devices though, with supported devices still not listing the latest Nexus devices – but we live in hope it will be updated one day.

As well as releasing On Ice into Spotlight Stories, Google will also be launching their previously released story: ‘Help’ on YouTube later this week to let more people share in the wonder of Spotlight Stories unique way of telling a story. Get your Cardboard Viewers ready to go for that one.

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