Android N
Google’s Android N developer preview is pretty good, there’s quite a few changes we’re finding as we comb through the OS. I’ve installed the preview on a Nexus 5X and the Pixel C and comparing to a Nexus 6P and Nexus 9. One of the new changes is in the quick settings.

The new quick settings menu allows you to drag down and quickly access a number of settings by swiping down once. Previously in Marshmallow, Google had the date and time as well as a battery notification and of course a Wi-Fi status. In Android N you get a quick settings menu offering quick toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto-Rotate and Bluetooth and on devices with a rear flash you get the Flashlight toggle.

As well as on/off toggles you also get quick access to battery stats and Do Not Disturb mode.

Of course you can access the usual Quick Settings panel that you know and love from Marshmallow, but even here there’s been some changes. In Android N you can now hit the edit button at the bottom right of the panel to add settings. By default you can add Data Saver, Invert Colours (from Accessibility mode), HotSpot and Cast. You can also remove some of the Quick Settings that are currently in the main page.

As well as adding and removing icons, the ability to re-arrange the quick settings icon is also there to let you put the icons you use most in the position that’s best for you.

Adding in these additional quick settings adds a second page to the Quick Settings shade, which you can swipe across to access the newly added icons.

Google may add more settings in to the Quick Settings menu – a quick access toggle for VPN would be lovely – but for now that seems to be it.

We’re combing through the Android N Developer Preview for you.
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    Happy Birthday Daniel?

    Daniel Tyson

    lol, thanks. Forgot that was in the calendar. Google has been pretty good to me on my Birthday and it wasn’t just Android N 😉


    How stable is it? Reckon I could use it on my 6P as a daily driver?

    Jamie S

    I signed up and downloaded the beta ota and it seems fine so far. Some apps don’t work like NAB, Telstra etc but that’s expected

    Shakeel Ali

    I wouldnt recommend it on the 6P, but if you have a spare Nexus, its fun to play with. I’ve been using it on my Nexus 9 since it launched and i havent had any crashes or janky-ness just yet. Ill probably use it for a few more days before considering it for my 6p.


    Cool. Might wait for the first patch then. Wish they supported the N7!