Android N

As the hours tick by since the launch of the Android N Developer Preview the Ausdroid team is discovering more enhancements, tweeks and improvements in “N”.

The latest bunch of features centre on the Recents key – the square one for those of you with more recent devices. The much loved Android recent key has been a staple for some time now, however with this update it gets some new functionality:

  • Double tap from within an app to switch to the last app you used, double tap again to take you back into the original app.
  • Double tap from your home screen to launch onto the last used app, after that double tap works as above.
  • When in recents tap once on the recents key to “tab” through open apps, when you pause on one app that app will open.
  • From within an app (not from within recents) long press on the recents button to launch split-level the press recents again to exit split view, see Dan’s impressions of split view on the Pixel C for more on that

We’re hesitant to get to excited over any features in the Developer Preview as some of them may not make it into the final release build. However, it’s hard not to get excited over some more powerful multitasking features making their way into Android.

Overall we are very impressed with Android N thus far, we’ll keep you posted as we uncover anything new.

We’re combing through the Android N Developer Preview for you.
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