Chrome Music Lab
It’s Music in Our Schools Month in the US this month, and Google has brought coders and musicians together to create a wonderful new tool called Chrome Music Lab, aimed at students, but open to anyone which lets them explore how music works.

Music Lab is visually beautiful but functionally excellent as well, allowing you to play with sound, rhythm, melody, and more. Under each heading on the Chrome Music Lab page you can play around with tools that let you create music. The rhythm page lets you create your own rhythm beats with triangles and drums, while the Chords page shows you how Chords work as opposed to striking notes on a keyboard.

Chrome Music Lab is another Chrome Experiment which shows off the power of Chrome. This particular experiment uses the Web Audio API, which Google describes as ‘a freely-accessible, open web standard that lets developers create and manipulate sound right in the browser’. All we know is that it’s way cool fun.

To try out Chrome Music Lab, head over to and start checking it out.

Source: Chrome Blog.
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    vijay alapati

    nice, kids will love it and looks like it will be helpful for music players