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The rumour mill is about on time this year for Nexus rumours, with the latest rumour circulating that Google is taking more control of the Nexus program with a top down approach. The rumour is also circulating that original Nexus partner HTC has been signed to a 3-year deal to create Nexus devices for Google.

The development of HTC built Nexus devices will apparently cover reference devices starting with Android N which will be fully released later this year, but extend to cover devices for Android O and Android P. The rumour says that HTC will build Nexus devices, but not whether they will be tablets – like the Nexus 9 that HTC most recently built – or phones – like the beautiful Nexus One which is still very fondly remembered.

A separate rumour points to Google also taking more control of the design and build of the Nexus line, taking a ‘top down approach’. The rumour points to the recently released Pixel C as an example of what Google can do with Android hardware as a reason for the top down approach to design, but it is just a rumour at this stage.

Google’s Pixel line is a great reason for going for more control of the Nexus experience, it is a great hardware build and with Android N devloper preview, it could get even better. These are really just rumours at this stage so we’ll have to wait and see.

Google has previously announced new Nexus devices around September each year with devices being made available in October/November, so if they stick to this time-table we have a long time to wait.

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    Phill Edwards

    The shine has gone off the Nexus brand for me. I bought a Nexus 5X which I was very disappointed with. This was made even worse by the fact that it has completely died after only 4 months and won’t boot at all. Google are sending a replacement but I will probably sell it.


    Still love my M7!


    If true, this could be the lifeline that HTC needs to survive. But they need to do more as HTC as well otherwise they will be back where they are now as soon as the rumored 3yr deal expires.