Google’s release of Android N yesterday brought about two exciting changes which can be implemented in a number of apps to make life easier: Bundled Notifications and Direct Replies. Google is leading the charge with implementing the features in their own apps and first out of the gate is Hangouts.

The update doesn’t seem to add much to the app if you aren’t running the Android N beta but if you are, you notice a big difference. The Direct Reply function works quite well under Android N, letting you swipe a notification down to hit reply, at which point you can then enter your reply inline. The update also allows you to swipe down and select which of the hangouts notifications you want to reply to.

Google has added in the support to version 8.0 of Hangouts which is currently slowly rolling out through Google Play or if you’re adventurous you can grab it from other sources.

Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.
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    Ghost TOG

    Does anyone even use this app?