Optus has introduced some new options to their My Plan Plus postpaid plans this week, with one of the highlight features being the offer for customers to update their phone or tablet after just 12 months. Optus is also changing a few other details of My Plan Plus including removing cancellation fees.

Optus is offering the trade for tablet and phone customers with two options with their ‘New Phone/Tablet Trade Up’ offer. Customers are either able to pay a $99 fee and hand their current handset back, or pay out the full remaining cost of the phone to take advantage of the offer. The New Phone Trade Up offer is similar in scope to the Telstra ‘New Phone Feeling’ option which promises a new handset after 12 months as well, though Telstra charges $149 to perform the trade up.

Swap their current phone: Customers who want to say goodbye to their current handset and trade up to a new smartphone can simply head into their local Yes Optus store, return their current phone in good working order, pay a one-off fee of $99 and get a brand new phone on a new 24 month plan.

Keep their existing phone: Customers also have the option of trading up to a new phone after 12 months without having to say goodbye to their current phone. Simply pay the remaining full cost of the current phone, including any amount that Optus was going to cover, and get a new phone on a new 24 month plan.

Ben White, Managing Director, Marketing and Product at Optus, said

With so many great new phones hitting the market every year, two years can seem like a lifetime to wait for a new phone. That’s why Optus has introduced the New Phone Trade Up offer, to give customers the chance to get the latest smartphones faster than ever before, while still getting the great value and inclusions of our My Plan Plus plans.

Optus is also offering new plan options for My Plan Plus customers as part of My Plan Plus, offering options for either 15GB of data per month for $100 or 20GB of data per month for $120 – obviously only for use in Australia.

The New Tablet Trade Up offer is only available to customers signing up to the new $30 and above 24 month My Mobile Broadband Plus plan. Again, customers can then pay the $99 fee and sign up to a new 24 month contract or pay out the remaining value of the device and then update from there.

For more information on trading up your phone or tablet, you can check out the New Phone Trade Up or New Tablet Trade up websites for more information, which includes the steps to go through and a check list for what qualifies as a phone/tablet ‘in good working order’.

While the offers are good, Optus also recognises that some customers want to leave for other networks for whatever reasons and have changed their policy of charging a cancellation fee for that privilege. If you want to leave Optus before your contract has expired, you can simply pay out the remaining full cost of your phone or tablet which includes any monthly handset credit that Optus was going to cover, and you’re done.

The option to replace your handset after 12 months is very tempting in this day and age, especially with some nice shiny new Samsung Galaxy handsets entering the market and LG about to launch their new G5 handset at some stage as well. It’s obviously worth weighing up the cost of whether this is worth it before you go ahead, but at least you have the option.

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    considering new phones are released every 12 months this makes a lot of sense.