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While local pricing for the LG G5 is yet to be revealed, we’ve now got a hint of what it could be thanks to carrier pricing unveiled in Canada, ahead of local availability on 8 April. Their major carriers are pricing the LG G5 at around $800 Canadian Dollars, and for those who follow their ForEx, you’ll know that we’re just about on parity with the Canadians, making it about $807 in AUD.

Of course, there’s a few other factors to consider here which will likely push local pricing closer to $899, but even still, that’s not all that expensive for the quality of phone that LG is offering here. Local online electronics retailer Kogan has also put pricing up on their site, but at $999, their pricing does appear (at the very least) to be out of step with pricing internationally.

A better sign is that some of the Canadian telcos are including bonus options with their plans, which means we might see similar here. Rogers and Videotron are including a free LG Cam Plus with their handsets, and from our time with this module, it’s on the must have list from LG’s Friends.

We’ve been on LG Australia about local pricing and availability, and while nothing has been confirmed yet, all signs are that it will be fairly soon. As soon as we know more, we will let you know first.

Are you holding out for the LG G5?

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looking at the pricing a from a different angle.
Canadian pricing outright
GS7 $899
G5 $799
Difference $100

Australia pricing outright
GS7 $1149

Applying the difference seen in Canada, leaves the G5 at $1049.
Kogans price of $999 might not be far off… which is a touch sad.


Since they removed the button from the back to the side, and removed Qi charging I’ve lost interest in the G5. I’ll wait for the G6 when like Samsung, they realised they made a mistake and put back the features we originally liked in the phone.

Pablo Picasso

still waiting for the marshmallow update to my G3 lol. Promised back in Nov 15….


Anyone know if the Canadian pricing includes their GST equivalent?

Either way LG are brilliant at dropping prices after a few months so I’m sure the trend will continue. My prediction is you’ll be able to grey import one for now much more than $500 within 6 months of its release.


I believe it includes Canada’s 5% GST, so it isn’t exactly comparable, but I’m thinking $899 to $999 is the likely outright price.. still cheaper than the S7 range.

Sachin Bahal

Depending on which province you are in, 5 provinces have a harmonized sales tax which comes out to be about 13%, and usually the prices for the items are the cost plus the sales tax, so for example for me where I live in Canada (which is Toronto), if I was to buy a LG G5 outright, it would be $800 CAD + 13% and come out to be $904 CAD when all said and done.

vijay alapati

Hope this becomes a massive hit and samsung then reduces the prices for S7


Bet the Australia tax will strike again.


Having done a few grey imports that have had issues I for one am happy to pay the Australian consumer protection tax. While I’d love my toys cheaper I’ll take proper local returns and warranties now

Phill Edwards

Really looking forward to reading some in depth reviews of the LG G5.


Really looking forward to giving you one. As soon as we get one to review!