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Google’s focus on tablets with the launch of Android N is obvious, with split screen multi-window a highlight of the launch and though it works on phones, it’s the Pixel C that seems to benefit most. Google announced last week that US developers could receive a 25% discount purchasing the tablet and today they’ve expanded that discount to developers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

The discount is applied after you enter the code is sent to your email account once you register, into the Google Store checkout. The 25% discount only applies to the Pixel C tablet, with the price for the 32GB model knocked down from $699 to $524.25 while the 64GB model is reduced from $829 to $621.75.

The bluetooth keyboard is not discounted, remaining at $199, but delivery is of course free from the Google Store unless you want express shipping.

While the discount is really aimed at encouraging developers to buy a Pixel C to help improve their apps, there’s nothing to say it isn’t applicable to general Google accounts.

If you’ve been holding off purchasing a Google Pixel C, the combination of 25% off and split-screen multi-window app support on Android N is a big reason why you should think about grabbing one now. The offer is for a limited time, so make sure you get in fast. Head over to the Pixel C developer page to register for the discount.

Source: Pixel Developer Discount.
Via: @AndroidDev.
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    Dean Rosolen

    I can’t code to save my life but I signed up for a code.

    Can you charge the Pixel C with the keyboard dock like on the early ASUS Transformers? That’s the thing I loved most about my TF201 and TF701.


    The Pixel C charges via a USB C cable and the keyboard charges wirelessly from the tablet when it’s closed.

    Michael Reville

    The tablet has such good battery life you don’t need an extra battery in the keyboard, which allows for better keyboard design.

    Dean Rosolen

    Aaaaand ordered. Too bad that Google uses T(r)oll for deliveries. Have had lots of trouble with them since I moved last year.


    Really interested in getting one to replace my aging Galaxy Tab 10, not sure if I should wait and see what Google I/O brings this year


    The code is valid until July 15th, so can always keep it around in case you want to use it later (unless they sell all the stock, which I don’t think is very likely).


    25% off now makes it worthwhile…. Help a noobie out, how do I register to get the discount?


    Just enter your email address and wait. You should get an email in a day or so


    Is it worth buying the keyboard with this at the same time? How useful is it for day-to-day usage?

    Michael Reville

    I reckon yes for sure – it’s a great keyboard, it acts as the screen cover and stand, and you can write emails, docs, fill out forms, etc.. For me it’s a real laptop replacement.


    :cries: I was hoping someone would say it’s not worth it just to save me $200. Really having to fight with myself to hold off on buying it but my 2013 N7 is dying a slow death :-S

    Michael Reville

    🙂 maybe depends if you have an ultraportable laptop already?


    Nah, no personal laptop at all. Either use the nexus 7 or my work (large) laptop. Reading around it looks like the keyboard is great addition so guess I’ll just save a little longer

    Michael Reville

    Fair warning: I think the early models had some flaws. I’ve actually returned two tablets and one keyboard, but now that I have non-faulty products it’s just awesome. Definitely my favourite device.

    Will Dutton

    Whats the long term review on the pixel c?

    Daniel Tyson

    As it stands out of the box, it’s a great Android Tablet, but with Android N/Split Screen it’s closer to the productivity machine that Google advertised it as. Basically it’s a high-end tablet/keyboard.

    Here’s Chris’ review on the Pixel C http://ausdroid.net/2016/01/25/google-pixel-c-review/

    My thoughts are almost spot on with his and we’re both finding the split screen on Android N has breathed new life into it.

    Michael Reville

    How buggy is the current Android N build? Would love to get split-screen soon, even though it’s great without it. (I’m also excited about the full floating windows that liliputing posted about today.)

    Andy Robb

    Id say its pretty solid – split screen is a bit hit and miss with some 3rd party apps, but works fine with core google apps and chrome. Otherwise nothing to really compain about….

    Shakeel Ali

    Been using it on my Nexus 9 and 6P and so far the only thing that is really buggy is that the keyboard will occasionally lag severely, and split screen isnt very good with third party apps just yet. However, being a first beta i am sure it will improve dramatically.

    Michael Reville

    Great – much better than I expected. Maybe I’ll wait for next release and jump on – great that it’s OTA.

    Andy Robb

    Its already the best Android tablet you can get. Best screen and hardware by some margin, and the keyboard implementation is excellent.

    With Android N & split screen its been lifted to another level.