Tuesday , June 5 2018

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine trailer will have you pre-ordering the HTC Vive in no time

Star Wars - Trials on Tattooine
It’s been a big year for Star Wars fans, and with Virtual Reality set to take off this year a combination of the two was inevitable. Just how good the new game trailer for Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, which is launching for the HTC Vive, looks though caught us completely off guard. Take a look.

The game will utilise the ‘room-scale’ technology of the HTC Vive, allowing you to move around the room as you participate in light sabre and blaster battles, and iwll include effects created by Industrial Light and Magic, the original team behind Star Wars.

If you’re like us, we’re already thinking the $1,400 price tag is looking pretty worth it right now. You can pre-order the HTC Vive from HTC now, with units due to start shipping in April.

Source: Road to VR.
Via: @androidCentral.

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  1. Looks fairly on rails to me, if your play area is restricted to the ‘room scale’ I’d rather have an Oculus Rift and a joypad to move.

    • I’ve used Occulus and Vive and once you try Vive you’ll prefer it

      • Maybe so, but which is more likely to get good game support? Seems like Vive is relying on developers to design games specifically to fit its room-scale model, and history has shown that niche peripherals just aren’t supported that well, let alone ones that carry a premium price tag. It may otherwise be able to provide the anchored VR experience like the Oculus and Playstation VR, but then why wouldn’t you get one of those and save some money?

        • Same can be said of the Oculus, which is basically only looking at Facebook as its major partner.

          The Vive software store is powered by Steam VR, a fairly big name when it comes to software game distribution as well as reaching out to independent developers. So far they have quite a few big names on board including a Portal themed game – not a portal game, just themed – As well as applications from Google and now this game from Lucas Film and a bunch more coming from big developers.

          In terms of platforms, you can go for Playstation VR, or for Oculus if you want, but ask any of the tech journos or gamers who’ve tried them all (I have) and the Vive is the only one that all of them will tell you didn’t make them nauseous.

          It’s more expensive but the controls on the Vive are much more compelling and easier to use. You pay for what you get and after using all the platforms, I’d go for Vive every time. Playstation VR would be a close-ish second and Oculus third, but by a longer gap.

          • Fair enough, I haven’t used all three (only the Oculus) so interested in your experience. I’m surprised to hear the Oculus falls behind the Playstation VR for you when it has higher resolution and more motion sensors; what makes the PVR better for you?

  2. Tango India Mike

    Agree the trailer looks great…..but $1,400 on first version hardware? Hmmmm …. tough ask I think.

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