Messaging platform Telegram is extending their public group chats with version 3.7 of the app rolling out to users.

The new updates bring a few welcome changes including an update to increase the amount of users in a Super Group from 1,000 to 5,000 users, which as Telegram points out is ‘5 times as good’ right?!

Larger groups obviously need better moderation tools, with the potential for spammers to co-opt a channel if given half a chance, so Telegram is introducing new moderation tools to let admins ‘quickly delete all messages from a specific member, block and report them’.

In a new change, groups can also now be expanded into Supergroups by admins and by extension it’s no good having the option to expand your supregroup if no-one can join right? Well, in version 3.7, Telegram ads in the option to go public with a public URL in the form of a short link being made available. Once users join they can see the entire chat history from the Supergroup and post messages.

You get moderation tools, more users, can switch to a supergroup at will, now you need to message your members and you can do that with a pinned message for your chat. Pinned messages will appear at the top of the chat screen and all users, even those who muted ordinary messages, will see a notification when a pinned message goes up.

Telegram version 3.7 is rolling out now, so keep an eye on your notifications from Google Play.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.