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Another week, another round of Google Play App and Game Deals, this time with Beautiful Widgets Pro from Level Up Studios and kKingdom Rush Origins from Ironhide Game Studio.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Beautiful Widgets Pro
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For those who’ve been around using Android since the beginning, you’ll probably admit that Android wasn’t all that pretty. One of the apps that contributed somewhat to beautifying home screens in those dark, early days was Beautiful Widgets Pro and it’s now just 20c.

Beautiful Widgets Pro offers a heap of beautifully designed clocks, widgets and weather themes for your home screen. There’s multiple sizes for both Android phones and tablets, and you can download an absolute tonne of different themes to find the one you want.

While I’ve not used Beautiful Widgets in some time thanks to some stellar work from developers of apps like Pocket Weather AU, Beautiful Widgets was my go to app for many years. If you’re after something to present data in a beautiful way, check out Beautiful Widgets Pro.

Beautiful Widgets Pro
Beautiful Widgets Pro
Developer: LevelUp Studio
Price: $2.49

Google Play Game Deal of the Week

Kingdom Rush Origins
Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 6.44.21 AM
From Ironhide Game Studio comes Kingdom Rush Origins, we’ve seen Kingdom Rush come up in a number of sales and Google has the developer tagged with the ‘Top Developer’ tag, so you know it’s going to be a decent game.

This is apparently the third game in the Kingdom Rush series, with the story mode looking at the origins of the series, though you’ll be playing a similar game to the rest of the series. It’s a tower defense style game where you appear to be building your village and defending against other teams for control.

Of course, what’s a Deal of the Week post without at least one of them having in-app purchases and this week it’s Kingdom Rush Origins. While you generally don’t need to buy things in games, you do generally find they skew the gameplay towards buying at least something and in Kingdom Rush Origins, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1.99 – $14.99 per item.

The game is available now for just 20c, it’s worth a look to see if it grabs your attention. Head over to Google Play and check it out.

Kingdom Rush Origins - TD
Kingdom Rush Origins - TD
Developer: Ironhide Games
Price: $0.99

This week the nostalgia is strong and Beautiful Widgets with its history with Android users is a clear winner – that and no In-App Purchase. But of course at 20c a pop you’d be mad not to just grab both of them.

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    I tried widgets in the past, it was ok but absolutely chewed the battery.