New York Cheesecake
As far as Google’s concerned they’re nut’tellin’ us what the next version of Android, currently known externally as Android N, will be called, but internally at Google it’s a different matter all together. Google developers are apparently calling it Android New York Cheesecake.

The triple barrel codename isn’t new for Google who have previously used Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie and Macadamia Nut Cookie for KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow and now New York Cheesecake can be known as the stand-in for Android Neopolitan Ice-Cream? Nougat? Nori? Well, whaterver it will eventually be called.

You can check out references to NYC over on the Android Code repository. The code isn’t going to mean much to non-developers, but it’s interesting to see and of course being a pie-shaped tasty treat, the debug icon from KLP and LMP can be re-used.

If you’re into the whole tasty treat idea, then head over to and check out their New York Cheesecake recipe for yourself…and send us some too.

Source: AOSP repository.
Via: Android Police.
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    Nougat FTW!


    Please can they call it ‘Nutella’ or ‘Nougat’