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Google is involved in a lot of interesting areas beyond Android, search and advertising, and one of those areas is running the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE is a challenge aimed at teams around the world, the aim of which is to ‘design and build a rover, land it on the surface of the moon, drive it 500 meters across the lunar landscape, and send HD video and imagery back to Earth by the end of 2017.’ Simple right?

Google has commissioned a 9-part documentary series about the teams competing in the XPRIZE challenge, with Star Wars director JJ Abrams listed as executive producer and Academy Award winner Orlando von Einsiedel directing it.

Google has made the series available as a free give-away on Google Play, but will also make it available on the Google Lunar XPRIZE YouTube Channel from March 17th.

Head over and grab it now, it looks fantastic.

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