A Telstra Engineer, though probably not the cause of tonight’s outage. Source: Supplied.

As of 6.30pm this evening, some Telstra customers in Sydney and Melbourne are reportedly unable to make calls or access the internet using Telstra’s post-paid service. The issue does not appear to be affecting all customers; indeed, our Telstra post-paid service appears to be working in the Hornsby, New South Wales area, but there are reports of an outage in our area regardless.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.06.19 PM

Telstra blamed human error for a major national outage last month, when an engineer accidentally switched off a core network node, causing chaos across Telstra’s network. Earlier this month, around half a million pre-paid customers also experienced issues, and it wasn’t just Telstra, but its MVNO partners as well.

A Telstra spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald:

“We are aware of an issue affecting some of our mobile customers who are having difficulty making and receiving calls, and using data. We are looking into the cause of this issue and apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. We are doing everything we can to restore services as soon as possible.”

We’ll keep an eye on the service status reports and let you know if we hear anything further.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
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Iain Simmons

Same for me in the Sunshine Coast. I obviously picked the worst time to switch to Telstra, but it’s the only thing that works around here (most of the time).


Yep I’ve had frequent, fairly short lasting, intermittent dropouts of both internet and mobile signal in Melbourne since about 5pm. Not bothering me too much and I’m sure they’ll push a fix through soon.

Haha I went to post this and signals dropped out again lol

Chris Colborne

Yep, another Brisbane user here. I had a data outage and I’m on prepaid. This is getting ridiculous…


Yep got the outage in Brisbane too – very frustrating as I needed translink information to find out which trains/buses to catch to get to a building outside of the city I have never been to….

Managed to call my brother and ask him to send me the information. Luckily he’s on Optus and could get it for me, whereas I am on the ‘network without equal’, maybe because other networks don’t have nation-wide outages like Tesltra do. Telstra are unchalleneged in that department.

Greg Smith

2x affected post paid services in Adelaide – one personal, one business. Seems okay now though.

Jamie S

It’s also affecting me in Hobart intermittently. Just dropped out completely whilst I was typing this. So basically Tassie has no internet, no mobile network and soon will have no hydro power unless it rains. Hmmm, might be time to move.