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Earlier this month, Disney, the new owners of the Star Wars universe, announced the latest movie in the franchise: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will arrive on digital platforms on the 1st of April. Dendy, is looking to get a bit of positive marketing for their video streaming service Dendy Direct with a new campaign called ‘Dendy loves Star Wars’, offering the movie for just $5.89.

The price is right, with other streaming services such as Google play offering the movie for $19.99. The DVD for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will launch a week after the digital launch, with both Blu-Ray and DVD’s being made available on April 7th, with Blu-Ray priced at $39.98 and DVD at $24.98 – though the Blu-Ray version has a digital copy included which very likely will be able to be redeemed through Google Play thanks to a deal done with Disney and Google.

Movies purchased (or rented) through Dendy Direct can be streamed via PC or mobile app, but for a more convenient ‘big screen’ experience Dendy specifically advising that movies can be Chromecast to a TV from the Chrome browser or their mobile apps.

With $2 Billion in box office earnings, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is, at the very least, a commercial success, but with a 92% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes it’s a critical success as well.

It’s a pretty good movie if you haven’t seen it already, so it’s well worth the $5.89 if you haven’t pre-ordered it from another service already. Head over to the promo page and check it out.

Source: Dendy.
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    Piers McCarney

    I got in on this deal; watched the first half last night and the second half right now (long story why it wasn’t in one go). Interestingly, it was streaming pretty flawlessly last night, but tonight I have experienced buffering a few times and the bitrate looks seriously reduced. I am wondering if it is an issue of Dendy servers not keeping up with higher load tonight. My “HD” copy is incredibly blocky in parts, most notably (and frustratingly) during the duel in the snow, with compression very harshly attempting to block the similar tones together. This does not make… Read more »