Google Drive for Android is getting a couple of new features, at least one of which is based on feedback from Google Drive users.

Drive for Android will now easily transition from the file preview in Drive to editors installed on your device now. If you’re viewing a spreadsheet and have Sheets installed, it will now switch into Sheets. Google points out this works for Photos, switching into Google Photos, as well as Docs for any documents, all you have to do is tap that floating action button that’s now present.

Edit from Drive

The feedback from users has been surrounding reverse order listing for files in Google Drive. With a simple tap on the sort column, you can now swap the sort order. It’s a small, but for some people, obviously an important change so it’s going to be there moving forward.

Release for the newly updated Android app is scheduled to take between 1-3 days, so keep your eye out for an update prompt in Google Play.

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