Telstra customers are beginning to feel frustrated today with more reports of outages in the Telstra Data and Voice networks being reported via social media.

The outages are being investigated ‘as a priority’ and appear to be affecting customers in Victoria and Tasmania according to the telco’s Twitter feed.

This is the third major instance of issues on Australia’s largest carrier in the last few months with previous outages occuring on the 9th of February and just last week on March 17th. Both outages led to a ‘free data’ day, with the next one scheduled to take place on April 3rd.

So far, the Telstra social media team are responding to tweets with the same investigation tweet, but their service status page is showing no further information when searching cities in Victoria or Tasmania.

We’ve so far had issues contacting people in Melbourne via phone, and we haven’t heard from our Melbourne based Ausdroid staff since reports came in. We’ll update with more information when available.

Telstra has just advised by social media that they have resolved the issue:

Over to you, are you issues resolved?


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Someone on Whirlpool has a friend at Telstra and they posted saying that Telstra has been hacked a number of times over the past few weeks, and since Telstra is unable to identify the exact cause, further outages are likely. Apparently, Telstra didn’t want to alarm customers by being honest (yeah, I’m sure that losing customers had nothing to do with it).

Newcastle Guardian

So other utility companies have outages, Blackouts, etc. etc. I don’t hear everyone behaving like children when that happens, demanding this that and the other. Get over it.

Benjamin Dobell

If you run a business and your power goes out, you use your mobile phone to call customers and apologise. If you run a business and your phone service stops working you… oh wait.

That’s why it’s a big deal.


Its not just the business sides of things. What happens when you need to call 000?


Certainly had some ADSL issues with Telstra in Adelaide over the weekend (just as I was getting ready to binge watch the second season of DareDevil on Netflix!). Not noticing any mobile problems today, but then I’m not in VIC or TAS.


It’s not just the phone network, I’ve noticed ADSL issues as well, with dropped connection, then re-connecting but no data flow for a period of time.


This is beginning to make Vodafone look good.


Vodafone haven’t had outages like this for years.


we pay a premium for a premium service and they are not holding their end right now.

Tony Soprano

Oh no a company had a problem and I an entitled anonymous internet poster DESERVE for them to fix it.


When it happens 3 times in 2 months and you are paying a premium for the reliability of the network then yes, they do need to fix it.


Brisbane here – no issues on my end.

Telstra need to get their **** sorted.

And no a free data day on the weekend when we’d already be on wifi doesn’t cut it.

I’d rather have a damn connection at all times than free data on some random Sunday.