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The impending launch of hit Nintendo property Pokémon GO has both Nintendo, as well as live action gamers from the Ingress side of the fence excited due to the involvement of Niantic Labs. The launch date hasn’t been announced, but it seems the game is progressing well with footage of the game shown off at South-by-Southwest (SXSW).

The footage shows a Pokémon (Ivysaurm the second evolution of Bulbasaur) being captured by a Pokeball, before breaking free. The breakout prompts the player to choose a more sturdy Poké Ball option with other balls, like Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball, on offer. The footage shows the Master Ball completing the capture before stats on the Ivysaur are displayed.

Pokémon GO is currently set to begin trials around now in Japan, so with players trialling the title, it can’t be too long before a broader release is announced.

Source: YouTube.
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    Darren Ferguson

    Reddit is going nuts. Although the video looks pretty underwhelming, although it’s clear that there is a cut part way through. Again on reddit, people have added filters to screengrabs and you can see all sorts of bits and pieces.