Aldi - Media Player
Aldi will begin selling a new Android based set top media player from the 30th of March for $79.99.

The player appears to be the same Cocoon branded media player they’ve sold previously for the same price, though this time around no mention of having the Netflix app pre-installed. The media player does have Kodi pre-installed, though Kodi has recently lost lead Android developer Chris Browet (Koying) who has since begun work on his own fork of Kodi called SPMC (Semper Media Center).

The hardware appears similar as well, with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage with microSD card slot, 2x USB ports and HDMI port. The box will apparently support 4K playback, but perhaps previous owners can give us an idea of how well that goes.

Previously the media player, which runs Android 4.4.2, came with an ethernet port and Wi-Fi, but no mention of these specs are made in the Aldi listing. Finally, the player does come with a remote control, so it’s perfect for the leanback experience.

The player goes on-sale at Aldi on the 30th of March, so head into a store and grab one before they run out.

Source: Aldi Special Buys.
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    Keith Alston

    Hardly a bargain when you can get the M8S for slightly cheaper and have the bonus of 2gb Ram but there’s always the Warrenty I guess. Will be interesting to see how the movie/tv media react to kodi being installed on a mass market product.
    PS. also states in the image that the remote is included lol (your way too tired Daniel ?

    Phill Edwards

    Did anyone but one of these as “Cocoon”? Any good? I guess you can always take it back to Aldi in 60 days if it’s not.
    Android 4.4 sounds a bit ordinary.

    Newcastle Guardian

    Ah, whilst there may be no mention of the Ethernet or Wifi, take a look at the diagram you’ve posted up with this story, clearly indicates Ethernet and Wifi.

    Daniel Tyson

    Man I`m tired. Good spot.