HTC 10
HTC’s next high end phone was rumoured for launch on April 19th, however a change of plans is on the cards with HTC officially announcing an April 12th event running online.

The announcement has hit the Taiwanese manufacturers social channels, with the timing of the announcement set to begin at 8am New York time/10PM London time on the 12th of April (that’s 10pm AEDT on April 12th for those playing here at home).

The event appears to be online only, though details on exactly where we’ll be able to watch the event hasn’t been announced. HTC will give more details in the leadup to launch, so you can keep checking the #PowerOf10 hashtag that HTC has been using throughout their teases of the upcoming smart phone.

We’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about the HTC 10 when it launches in a few weeks, and we’ll be checking in with HTC about availability down under.

Source: @htc.
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    *sigh* Too late. I splurged on a Nexus 6P instead. Just got sick of waiting.


    Too late. I splurged on a Nexus 6P.


    I heard that it will have the Snapdragon 820 which is great news. But didn’t Samsung go with the Exynos because the 820 doesn’t support all frequencies for Australia?

    Daniel Small

    No, Samsung would have used their own Exynos chips worldwide however two carriers in the US (Verizon and Sprint) use CDMA instead of GSM and the exynos does not support CDMA.