HTC 10

In a continuation of HTC’s #powerof10 tease campaign for their soon to be launched HTC 10 ‘flagship’ Android device the company has today tweeted out “Here comes the new boom. You’ll hear it.” As seen below this is accompanied by what looks to be an image of a smartphone speaker with Audio to the power of 10 written on it.

For fans of Stereo front facing speakers HTC has long held a special place for their inclusion of the afore mentions speakers that were capable of delivering decent audio at impressive levels for a smartphone. Alas it is unlikely that the HTC 10 will in fact have stereo front facing speakers. If you look at all of the render leaks so far (shown below) there are no indication that front facing, or even stereo, speakers are including in the new hardware.

HTC 10 Press Render

What seems more likely is that HTC is keeping their “boom” branding for high quality audio without the inclusion of the two speakers. Without the stereo speakers to back up the “boom” feature it is hard to tell how this will be received by those who previously enjoyed the boom sound experience.

How is HTC’s latest flagship shaping up for you? let us know in the comments.

Source: HTC.
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Milty C

Im at the cusp of buying a new phone. Really keen to see what HTC has too offer. Im hoping that the HTC10 has a good speaker as its an important feature to me and are real weakness on the GS7.

Terrence Chin

There is absolutely nothing about this phone that makes me want to buy one. Not to mention HTC will probably set the price too high.


I have to say this social media tease campaign is getting old already. Enough with the stupid teasing, more with the details and decent pricing!


Agreed! This is one way of annoying the few customers they may have left. Not good for business.

Milty C

Yeah its pretty stupid when thousands are buying GS7’s as we speak and HTC have not given anyone any reason to wait. HTC must have the worse marketing in the world


I’m interested in it simply because I don’t like Samsung’s or LG’s UI’s, so they’re both off my radar. Had both the S6 and G4 last year, thought they were both pretty crap, so this year I’ll give HTC a shot.


Just got the Nexus 6P. As a HTC fan, or a former HTC fan, I would recommend the 6P. And it is s a lot cheaper than the HTC One M8 which is where I expect the 10 to be priced at.


I currently have the 6P lol. Was hanging out for it so bad after owning the S6/G5. It’s a great device but too large for me. Would like to go back to a smaller phone. HTC 10 looks to be the goods. And if not, then I’ll go back to Nexus whenever the new one is out.


I simply got sick of the games HTC was playing. nUp until this phone, every phone that I have owned be it for me, my wife, son and daughter, they have all been HTC. But I just felt that the time was right to try another brand. With the 6P, I feel the decision was a good one.