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Todoist is a fantastic tool; it’s a truly cross-platform option for your productivity with Mac, PC, Android, Android Wear, iOS, Chromebook and multiple plugin options for web browsers. It’s used heavily within Ausdroid for our workflows and within a lot of businesses that I know of as well. Their last major update brought us Material Design and a tablet interface, now they’re continuing to advance and refine the Android interface.

There’s a number of refinements to the quick add feature that make it even more useful and further increases your productivity by saving time:

Adding and organizing your tasks in Todoist just got a whole lot easier and faster. In today’s Android update, we’ve taught the Quick Add how to recognize both projects and assignees.

Instead of having to move tasks later or mess around by going into projects and creating tasks there, you can simply use a # to get a list of all of your projects to utilise quick add more effectively.

You can also use quick add to assign tasks to other members on the list through the same process as attaching a task to a project, but by using a + to get a list of the users that you can assign tasks to.

There is a pile of other feature changes, refinements and improvements to the existing Android app:

  • Syncing is now 4x faster so you’ll spend less time waiting with less battery usage.
  • The notifications you’ve read on other platforms will now be automatically dismissed in the Android app.
  • We’ve added “undo” options on pretty much everything – drag-and-drop reordering, project sorting, move completed tasks to history – so you never have to worry about accidentally moving your tasks to the wrong place.
  • We’ve also added better in-app feedback for certain actions – like adding a task to a different project – so you’ll always know what’s happening.
  • We changed the way we handle creating sub-tasks to make it easier to understand. Instead of choosing an indent level in the full add-task menu, you can choose which parent task you want the task nested under.
  • Attachment handling is much improved so your photos will always appear with the right rotation that will be synced across all platforms.
  • You can now enjoy more options for formatting text in tasks, projects, and comments – most notably – emoji shortcuts like :smile:, :scream:, :crying_cat_face:, etc. Because we believe every project is made better with just the right emoji.
  • And tons of general polish to the interface to make managing tasks on Android as smooth and seamless as possible.

There’s a lot of changes to enjoy if you’re a Todoist user, head to the Play Store and update your app now.

What feature would you like to see added to Todoist to make it the perfect productivity tool for you?

Source: Todoist Blog.
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Björn Rostron

Love Todoist.

Highly recommended.


Todoist is great. I have it for personal use but it’s well worth paying the yearly fee to me.