Last month we reported that Nintendo was preparing it’s first Android app, Miitomo, for release. At the time there was no timeline for an Australian release leaving many fans (well, Jason at least) disappointed. Today we saw our first glimpse of an Australian release date.

In an email sent out to Nintendo Club members by Nintendo Australia the release date of Miitomo has been disclosed as March. While we already knew it would be released in other countries in March we expected Australia to be left behind. It seems that this is not the plan of Nintendo and it is a welcome sight to see Australia in the list of countries receiving the app first up – though the March release window is closing fairly rapidly.

Miitomo isn’t a game in the traditional (especially Nintendo traditional) sense. It’s a social service that brings the company’s Mii avatars to your mobile and allows you to use them to chat with your friends. You can create your Mii manually, or use your device’s camera as a starting point. Your own Mii and your friend’s Miis will ask questions of you and your friends of their own accord and share the answers with you – Nintendo is hoping you’ll find out something new about your friends. Or maybe a deep, dark secret…

If you haven’t already preregistered, head on over to the Nintendo Miitomo site to do so before the launch. If you do you will receive bonus Nintendo Club points. Anyone here interested in this app? Will you get involved? Be sure to look out for Jason on there if you do!