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Aldi’s Special Buys next week will feature a not too bad deal if you’re tending to run out of power a bit on your phone or tablet. The Signify branded Power Bank will go on-sale at Aldi stores next Saturday the 2nd of April for $24.99.

The battery bank comes with 3x USB ports and comes with a built-in torch…cause that’s what I’ve been missing from my power banks previously.

The actual specs of the USB ports aren’t available, but a little looking around on some of the Chinese import sites like AliBaba found an almost identical looking (different colour), though differently branded model, which is most likely carrying the same specs. The power bank on AliBaba lists the 3x ports as ‘DC5V, 1A/2A/1A’.

Pricing wise, $24.99 for 12,000mAh isn’t too bad, but it is an unknown quantity when it comes to brand and you may be better off looking at a Xiaomi branded one you can find fairly cheaply around the net – though the Xiaomi branded power banks suffer from a terrible counterfeiting problem. The bonus of this power bank is the convenience of shopping at Aldi, which means you walk in, pick it up and you’re done. If you have issues, there’s a 60-day return policy and a 12-month warranty. Not bad.

If you need some power, head into an Aldi store next Saturday to grab one.

Source: Aldi.
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    Dean Reading

    THESE POWER BANKS HAVE BEEN RECALLED. I just tried to buy one now, and the manager told me (Logan, QLD).


    yeah what is the deal with that? I was going to get a few of these…

    Oliver Ward

    i have a Nexus 5 – so yeah, Aldi will be seeing me soon.

    Gray Fox

    Same while i get 2 days out of my phone i will still get it