Bat Cave - Google Maps
The opening of the blockbuster Batman vs Superman at theatres in Australia this week has built-up some hype and while the movie isn’t getting the best reviews, the hype machine is in full swing. Warner Bros. have teamed up with Google Maps to create an interesting promo tour of both Wayne Manor and the Batcave underneath which you can explore in Google Maps.

Just on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan is where you’ll find the Google Maps location of Wayne Manor and the Batcave, for this excursion. Gotham city exists only in the DC Comics universe, but the parallels between Gotham to the very real city of Detroit, have always been present, just as Superman’s Metropolis is considered to be a fictionalised version of New York.

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The tour through Wayne Manor, and the Batcave is available on both Mobile and Desktop, though on Mobile you can enter the 360° view mode for a more immersive experience – or drive by the house, though you can’t see it from the road.

You can switch out from the walkthrough to the aerial view, which includes an option to view satellite imagery atop and you can see the entry for Wayne Manor as you would a business in Google Maps – including the option to write a review – there’s some good reviews from previous visitors here too.

When you’re in Walkthrough mode, you see Mr Wayne’s office, but when you turn around and head down the dark corridor you enter the Batcave and that’s where the fun begins. You’ll be able to check out the new Batmobile, as well as work benches and enter the armoury full of guns (Yes, Batman used guns in the early comics) and Batarangs to the left which also houses a Robin outfit which has presumably been defiled by the Joker.

The tour is a really neat idea, you can check it out here. On that note I`m off to a theatre to watch Batman vs Superman – I hear Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is a standout and I can’t wait for a standalone Wonder Woman movie.