Android Easter Egg
It’s Easter time, so why not check out a neat easter egg on Android? This specific easter egg is coded into the stock Android Phone app, and shows that someone at Google is a bit of an IT Crowd fan.

The easter egg is based on Season 1 Episode 2 of the IT Crowd, when the government decides to replace their ‘999’ emergency number with a ‘slightly’ longer version.

If you’re on mobile reading this, here’s the number (you can click it to load into the dialer) 0118999881999119725 and then once you’re in there add the number 3 for this to work. If you’re not on mobile and want to see what happens, check out this video:

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    Gur Dhaliwal

    Worked fro my Moto X Pure Edition, thanks for the share


    Did not work on my 6P with N Beta.

    Bootloops Anonymous

    6P worked fine


    Tee hee. Worked on my N6.

    Phill Edwards

    Didn’t work on my nexus 5x

    Joshua Hill

    Didn’t work on my z3 compact with the google dialer either. Tried inputting the numbers from scratch or using the link and adding 3. Neither worked 🙁


    Worked on my 5x…. Did you press 3 after clicking on the dialing link to complete the number?