Easter Google Play
It’s Easter Sunday and Google Play is getting into the theme for the weekend, with deals on Easter themed books, movies and In-App Purchases (IAP) in games.

There’s several focuses available to check out, though their book deals are only showing up through a search. For Movies, there’s a bunch of kids movies (and some seemingly randomly inserted Adult oriented movies) on-sale. The focus is headlined by Easter themed movies like the semi-animated movie Hop featuring the voice of Russell Brand which you can purchase for $5.99 in SD (normally $19.99) or $7.99 in HD (normally $24.99), to check out the rest of the deals head over to Google Play Movies and see what they have.

In Books you can run a search for ‘Easter’ in the Play Store and find several deals on Easter themed books. Deals like:

  • Happy Easter Curious George – Was $13.60 Now $8.31
  • Llama llama Easter Egg – Was $7.71 Now $5.00
  • Cliffords Happy Easter – Was $5.10 Now $4.25
  • The Easter Egg – Was $22.17 Now $13.93
  • The Golden Egg Book – Was $5.41 Now $4.86
  • And, well,d you get the picture. Just head over to Google Play books and grab a bargain.

    Google is big into IAP for games this weekend, offering Easter deals and themed content in a massive array of games available in Google Play. There’s things to do in The Sims Free Play, Ski Safari 2 has 50% off shop bundles for Easter and Rayman Adventures has hidden eggs throughout the game for you to collect in return for ‘seasonal Incrediballs, goodies and even a costume before the event is over!’

    There’s a bunch of games with IAP or themed content, so head over to Google Play Games and see if your favourite title is included in the Easter fun.