Google pinterest

In December Google announced a Pinterest-like feature that allows users to “star” an image and then curate those saved images into collections of tags from Android and iOS devices. Today they have announced that they are extending the service onto the desktop.

Unfortunately, the service still seems to be US only, so if you were wanting to start curating your own images your out of luck if you’re outside the US VPN. From all reports the new service isn’t live yet so there is some small chance that it could be extended outside the US, we will continue to monitor the site and follow up if anything changes.

Once live you will be presented with an option to ‘star’ an image from within a google search. Once you’ve amassed a collection users will be able to go to access all of their saved images and folders. The new site seems to offer two views, unsurprisingly all images and tags.

desktop photo save 1

desktop photo save 2

Would you use a Google image save feature? Let us know below.

Source: Google.