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The Humble Mobile Bundle 17, which launched last week with Grim Fandango and Lara Croft Go on offer, has been upgraded this morning with three new games now available in the higher end tier available to those paying above the average.

The three games added to the list are: Lost Echo, Puddle+ and Unmechanical. To get these games in your bundle you can pay more than the average price, which stands at $5.67USD at the moment, or you can just pay the $6USD and get Grim Fandango and every other game in the list. The bundles so far are:

  • Pay $1 or more for Prune, Framed, and Battlestation: Harbinger.
  • Pay more than the average price (currently USD$5.80) to also receive Frozen Synapse Prime, Lara Croft Go, Sorcery! 3, Lost Echo, Puddle+ and Unmechanical.
  • Pay $6 or more to get all of that plus Grim Fandango Remastered and Desktop Dungeons.

The Humble Bundle accepts payment from Bitcoin, Amazon, PayPal or Credit Card and you can split your payment to throw some towards a charity, which this month includes the EFF and American Red Cross.

To manage your Humble Bundle purchases, ensure you grab the Humble Bundle Mobile app for Android and side-load it onto your device.

Head to the Humble Mobile Bundle website now to grab your bundle.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.