Jason Statham LG G5
Well. LG still hasn’t announced when we’ll be able to buy an LG G5 or its Friends here in Australia, but with the US launch only days away, they have announced a new Friend for the G5: Actor, Jason Statham.

LG has announced that Jason Statham will be the face of the advertising campaign for the launch of the G5. The campaign will include a commercial shot on location in Los Angeles, directed by Fredrik Bond. The commercial will show him using the phone in ‘exciting and fun ways’.

Jason Statham is pretty familiar to most people having starred in popular movies Crank and The Transporter series, as well as popping up in the Fast and the Furious.

Judging from the teaser clips out on the LG Global YouTube channel, he’s already completed at least two teasers for LG, but we hope the full commercial is a little better:

So, what does the man himself have to say about the campaign?

I think the concept that LG is putting forward with the G5 and its modular design is going to catch on with consumers. I enjoyed partnering with LG and working on this commercial, so I hope that shows through in the final piece.

The LG G5 will be launching in Australia, but when hasn’t been announced. We have been invited to a media briefing late next month so we should be able to get details on dates, pricing etc. then.

Source: LG.