Samsung Australia has announced, that after 14 months of service in Australia, and only a mere 5 months after launching the premium version of Milk Music, their streaming music service, the service will halt in April.

Subscribers are being sent an email advising of the closure of the service, effective as of the 28th of April. Customers will no longer be able to stream or play downloaded tracks after this date.

Premium customers paying the monthly subscription fee for the service will see their payments halted effective March 21st.

There is a small rainbow for Samsung Milk Music customers, with Samsung offering a 3-month subscription to Google Play Music’s streaming service, which has access to over 35 million tracks. The offer has limitations though, it’s only available to customers who aren’t already subscribing to, or have used a free trial of the service in the last 12 months – and you have to have a Google account to use it.

Milk Music shutdown

The service was seemingly quite popular, though it was limited to owners of Samsung devices, so very likely didn’t gain the traction it required to really take off.

If you’re a Samsung Milk Music customer, it’s time to switch, you can take up Google Play Music on their offer, or even try Spotify who are also offering a cheap 3-month trial for just $0.99.

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    vijay alapati

    They should release this for every android phone and charge for premium and make samsung phones free access to premium.
    On that way they might get some money out of it….. Just like apple music
    Also i heard they are planning to buy tidal music.


    Shafted by Samsung again … Another service bites the dust in Australia.

    Shea Quinn

    This seems to be a current trend happening with Samsung. Admittedly it has been a good thing for users of their devices as they are no longer pre-installed with the Samsung variants of already popular services.

    Not one day goes by where I don’t turn on my Samsung Smart TV and get a notification that another one of their services are closing down. Poor Sammy should stick to making good quality devices which they seem to be doing right now and leave the service side of things alone for a while.


    I agree, my Samsung TV is like a deserted playground. Empty screens, non functional features, closure messages etc.

    As good as Samsung Pay sounds like it will be, I am afraid to jump onboard when it launches as it will no doubt end up being closed by Samsung Australia just like Milk now has.

    Samsung Australia is pretty poor, almost pathetic, when it comes to services. They Create their Apple clone for cheap marketing and the “me too” but shortly after loose interest and then bury the service.

    Shea Quinn

    I went all in with Samsung and hope i dont get screwed over again. Im secretlly hoping that with all these services ending they will shift their focus on the actual services that matter and can be done well…