AirDroid is a really solid and reliable way to do what you need to on your mobile device, via your desktop. With applications available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome you’d be struggling to find a user who won’t be able to utilize the functionality. With their latest update, AirDroid have added automatic backup of your precious photos to your local machine via Wifi.

Safe, Fast and Automatic is the sales pitch from AirDroid: Safe because its all local traffic (no third party servers are involved in the transfer of photos from your device to your machine), Fast because you’re not relying on external links or potentially overworked third party servers and Automatic when your Phone and Laptop or PC are on the same network the back up will just happen.

AirDroid PC Screenshot

There are most certainly other methods of backing up your photos to a physical machine by automatic methods, but if you’re already using AirDroid you can either eliminate one of these apps from your phone or avoid adding another to your ever increasing number of battery munching background apps.

What have your experiences with AirDroid been like?

Source: AirDroid Blog.