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The weekly deal of the week is here, serving up special deals with an app and a game marked down to just 20c each. This week we have Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders and

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Map My Walk+ GPS Pedometer
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Map My Walk+ GPS Pedometer is of course a fitness applications that will track all that walking you’ve been doing.

Map My Walk+ doesn’t just track walking, it also tracks over 600 activities including including running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga and a lot more. The app tracks your statistics and offers pace, route, distance, calorie burn, elevation profile and more during your workout. It also tracks your gear, letting you know when it’s time to get a new pair of shoes.

One of the winning features for the Map My Fitness products is their cross platform integration and Map My Walk+ will link your data to MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.

There is a premium version of Map My Fitness, costing $6.38 per month or $32.01 for a yearly subscription, you can access these upgrades as in-app purchases – but I’ve been using a version of Map My Fitness for years without it, but if you want to support the developer you can check it out.

If you want to check out Map My Walk+, it’s marked down to just 20c now on Google Play, so head over and check it out.

Map My Walk+ GPS Pedometer
Map My Walk+ GPS Pedometer

Google Play Game Deal of the Week

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 4.41.34 am
Described by the developer as ‘The ultimate WWII Air Combat game’, just one look at the trailer should convince you that you’re on the right track.

Take to the air in a World War 2 error fighter and experience the skies and aerial battles across some of the most well known battles and of course countries in history like Pearl Harbor, Coast of Dover, Midway, Germany and France.

The game is visually stunning with ‘specular masks, bump mapping, atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds with realistic lighting, sun glare, day & night transitions, God rays, high definition textures, 4x anisotropic filtering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering, radial blur, heat haze, refractive raindrops and more’. Just check out this trailer:

There is of course a down-side and that’s the In-App Purchases you’ll find in the game, with in-game items available to buy for between $1.18 – $5.99 per item.

Even with IAP, the game looks great and it’s compatible with AndroidTV platforms, so sit back, pair your controller and take to the skies with Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. Go check it out on Google Play right now.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Clear winner for me is hard this week, I love the Map My Fitness products, but Sky Gamblers looks awesome and with AndroidTV integration it will be hard to beat, so heck for 20c each, grab both.

And finally, last weeks deals: Water Drink Reminder Pro and Quell: Memento are still on sale for 20c each, so make sure to pick those two up if you didn’t last week.

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