Optus - Uber
Optus has today announced a new partnership with ride-sharing service Uber, to get you connected while you’re on the go.

The new partnership is the start of many things, with Optus intending to deliver ‘an exciting range of experiences and exclusive offers’.

The partnership will begin with a six-week trial of in-car 4G hotspots in 100 Uber cars in Melbourne and Sydney. The in-car 4G hotspots will allow Uber customers and drivers to connect up to 10 devices to the 4G Plus network without using up their personal mobile data.

Steve Long, Director, Local Markets at Optus said the partnership was a great opportunity to align with a dynamic and innovative company to improve mutual customer experience.

Uber has fundamentally changed the way we think about getting from point A to point B, and for us this is an opportunity to create a truly connected experience for drivers and riders by using our superfast 4G Plus Network.

Recognising that online access is a critical component of the Uber experience, we are offering exclusive offers to both drivers and passengers to access the fast and reliable Optus Network while they are in transit.

Uber and Optus partnered earlier this year in one of Uber’s promotions to deliver goods to customers, that time delivering a cricket umpire, including legendary cricket umpire Billy Bowden to your background cricket game on Australia day.

Further details on what the partnership will bring will be announced further down the track, but Optus will begin using the service internally, with staff utilising Uber as a business travel resource.

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Is this a WiFi hotspot that I need to manually connect to? Or will my phone automatically connect to a 4G signal in the car?

dibbs online

You need mobile data to book the uber anyway, why would I need to use theirs?

Daniel Tyson

Organising your night out with friends on a messaging client, booking a table on OpenTable or buying movie tickets on the way to a venue. Uploading pics of your night to Google Photos or Facebook to share at the end of the night etc.