If you’re looking for something interesting to try out in your Google Cardboard, Google Creative Labs has just released a virtual look into Abbey Road Studios – the studio famous for bringing us The Beatles.

The studio was also home to a number of other great bands and artists including Adele, Oasis, Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay and Muse, who have all recorded at the iconic studio.

There are nine videos included in the Cardboard tour, which is narrated by English record producer, Giles Martin. Once the tour is over though, you can also jump around inside the studio to check out the studio in a free-form look at the studio. The tour is pretty good, showing off the recording booths, mixing desks and a lot more and the commentary is very well done.

The app itself is small to download – but the 780MB of files needed for the tour are definitely not. If you want to check this one out make sure you’re on a Wi-Fi connection before starting.

If you don’t have Cardboard – get one – you can also tour the studio online at the Inside Abbey Road website. Head over to Google Play to download the app now.

Source: Google Play.