crush the galaxy s7

Look, this isn’t news. I don’t even know what it is, but I have watched it twice now, and I’m pondering watching it a third time.

People do all manner of things to their phones, including dropping them on the road, in the toilet, off buildings, and worse, and while some of these things can be designed against (waterproofing, cases to protect from minor falls, etc), some things are just going to destroy a phone no matter what.

One of those things is a 400 tonne hydraulic press, and when we saw kaboom, we mean it — Samsung’s Galaxy S7 doesn’t just emit the blue smoke of death, but a veritable feast of pyrotechnic display. It’s quite something to behold.

So, there’s a public safety announcement in this — if you have a hydraulic press and a brand new smartphone, don’t put them both together, because it could blow up your house. Literally.

This video comes to you courtesy of Slickwraps, who make a variety of cases and wraps for popular smartphones in the US.

Via: Phandroid.
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I haven’t watched the video and don’t intend to so it is possible that I’ve completely missed something here – however, if the title to this article is at all accurate I thought I’d just drop in to say that articles such as this are exactly the sort of thing that would drive me away from Ausdroid.

David Watt

Eh? It’s just a cool/interesting video related to a specific Android smartphone. I love this kind of thing, and have had to watch it several times already.

If something like this turns you off a website, I’m not sure what you actually DO look for in a website?

And making a comment like that without even watching it. Well.


Com’on Chris, don’t encourage this crap! Consumerism gone mad 🙂

vijay alapati

wonder why there is no article on samsung’s new galaxy lab?


What Galaxy Lab?

Major Sceptic

Indeed this stupid act of destroying smart phones for the novelty or the click bait you would think should be weaingr off by now.
The you tube is full of “watch what happens when” …. I hit phone X with a sledgehammer or run a smart phone over with a train, of drop it from a ridiculous height.
Used to destroy stuff like that when we where 13 years old, it gets a bit stale after a while.


It’s interesting to watch, but afterwards, you remember that someone has deliberately destroyed a $1,000+ device for no reason. It’s quite disturbing. Maybe next time they should film themselves giving it to someone on the street who’d really enjoy it! 🙂