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It’s safe to assume that at any point in time Google has dozens if not hundreds of projects and products in various stages of developing, testing or even shuttering, all before we ever hear a word about them. It seems once such project that has made it to the Dogfooding stage has been leaked. “Spaces” as it’s currently being called – it’s possible this is only a place holder name – is a messaging app focused on communicating between groups.

Sound familiar? – Slack, telegram, Hipchat etc – Spaces differentiates itself by making the focus of each chat surround a starting image, video, web link or topic of your choosing. From the looks of the interface Spaces sorts your “chats” into these groups and allows you to jump in and out of the various “spaces” you’ve created and interact with the people you’ve invited to join the chat.

It’s unclear if other participants need to have the app installed or if it hooks in to any other social or messaging platforms, such as Google+, Hangouts or SMS, for sharing. In a world where most of us have our preferred messaging platform and social networks it’s hard to see how such a niche product will gain enough traction to become a real success.

Perhaps we will see an announcement about Spaces at Google IO 2016?

Are you ready to try another messaging platform? Let us know your thoughts on Google’s latest attempt at a messaging/ social network.

Source: Android Police.
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I think this is too subtle to be an April fools. Still, good on Google for throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Just can’t see this sticking.

Phillip Molly Malone

Have I mentioned that I hate Liars Day? So, I can’t even tell what this is enough to know if its meant to be a joke or not! Hmmmmmm…… Should have stayed in bed today!


I don’t think this is an April fools joke. This was leaked out, not announced by Google. And aside from that, if it were an April fools joke, what is the joke exactly?

That they have another messaging platform that functions better than Hangouts? Is Hangouts the joke? If so, it’s been a damn long April fool. Years long.