Telstra’s multiple outages in their Mobile Network over the last couple of weeks has resulted in the carrier offering a ‘Free Data Sunday’ to at least partially compensate customers affected by the outage. The day will offer free data to customers, but what do you need to do?

Telstra has started contacting customers to advise what they need to know and has collated the information on their Crowd Support forum.

The low down is that any pre-paid customers, even customers with a $0 balance, as well as postpaid mobile, tablet or mobile broadband customers, whether it’s a personal or business plan, including those on a small business, Managed Business or Global Enterprise Services plan can take part in the free data day.

There’s no need to sign up or register your number to take part in the free data day, if you fall under those categories you’ll get free data from midnight to midnight on Sunday the third of April. The midnight time is based on local time-zone so you’ll get the full 24 hours. What you won’t get is free calls, MMS, Text etc outside of the usual inclusions in your plan.

Last time Telstra ran their free data Sunday, and even with customers theoretically staying at home on Wi-Fi, Telstra advised that they hit weekday peak levels at 8am and customers downloaded 1,841 terabytes of data across the day, that’s the equivalent of 5.1 million episodes of Game of Thrones – so there could be congestion.

Telstra charges a premium for access to their network, and with two outages very close together they’ve decided to do this to give them a little something to appease any unrest. If you’re a Telstra customer, it’s time to have at it on Sunday, maybe binge watch Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix, update those computers you’ve been meaning to or backup your photo collection, whatever it is, have fun.

Source: Telstra.
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    I’m tempted to do some Netflix streaming via my mobile on Sunday rather than using my home broadband but I’ve got plenty of capacity under my home package to render this only a symbolic gesture on my part. Proportionate compensation for a network collapse on a Tuesday would be for a the free data day to be offered on a Tuesday. But, as has been mentioned elsewhere, the real ‘crime’ for which Telstra needs to atone is their lack of timely communication to their customers that there was a problem rather than the network collapse itself. Unless I’ve missed something,… Read more »

    Björn Rostron


    I understand that there might be issues every now and again on networks as complex as mobile networks. The thing that I couldn’t abide is the fact that they didn’t even notify me that there could be a problem. I was blissfully ignorant of the fact that my business phone was not receiving calls. Just send me an sms or email.


    so if I understand basically they want their customers to download illegal downloads to take advantage of free data Sunday. Really Telstra what do you expect your customers to do. for free data downloads. Streaming doesn’t take up much data. so that only leaves illegal downloads. what other options available. .


    So the network gets hammered and those of us that want to use data normally without downloading the entire internet get further punished with slow speeds? 😉 I think Vodafone learned that lesson and ceased its offer. Let’s hope that Telstra doesn’t have any further outages.


    I did a test on the last free day and got 79.5mb download and 27 upload. that was about 10AM.
    So for me not an issue. I think they realise there will not be a huge problem so they turn bad publicity into good marketing.


    The network held up well the last time we got the free data day.

    And if rather the network be functional 100% of the time than pages and a free data day.