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Vodafone’s distributed computing app Dreamlab, which they launched in October last year, to aid in Cancer research has received an update overnight. The update adds a few new features to make the app even more fun, and powerful at the same time.

The app now displays more information about your progress, and the projects progress when it’s running. Previously you sort of ran the app and it displayed how long the app had been running for. Now when charging you can hit a switch that flips the timer around to show you how many problems you’ve solved while charging this session, and off charge the status screen lists the problems solved so far in total and how complete the project is.

The app is also getting a bump in power for multicore processing on selected devices. The multicore processing will kick in when the unlimited Wi-Fi option is selected, just remember your phone is charging so it should be all good.

I still want to see some gamification on Dreamlab, I think Dreamlab is a great idea and gets installed on every device I own. Cancer Sucks – let’s do anything we can to help stamp it out. Install it now from Google Play.

Source: Google Play.
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    I had it installed but apparently not enabled for some reason (maybe when I factory reset). Re enabled it when I found out about the update. Get about 10 ‘units’ done while I’m sleeping. I’ve always been impressed. It is a very slick app that makes it very easy. Set and forget.