Starting a few weeks ago we started to hear reports from the USA that you could now ask Google to add an item to your shopping list, all you have to do is initate a voice interaction via touch or “OK Google” and then say “add milk to my shopping list” for example. Once done an entry would be made in Google Keep under the title “Shopping” or if you already had a list titled shopping it would add it to that list. Unfortunately, the functionality didn’t seem to be working in Australia at that time, however, after testing it again today we can confirm it is now working on all devices we tried it on.

Right off the bat, we wondered if “shopping list” was the only voice tag it would react to? The answer is no. You seem to be able to create any list you like, we tried creating a “hardware” list and it works exactly as before.

This combined with Android Wear’s always on Google Keep app and shared lists in Keep combine to be a very powerful and handy multi user shopping list manager. Just taken a call to remember to get some 85% coca brand X chocolate on the way home? OK Google and Android Wear will ensure you get home and stay out of the dog house.

What Ok Google feature/s do use the most? Let us know below.

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Max Luong

I’ve been using the Amazon Echo to do my shopping list because of the convenience of being able to use my voice but now that I can have the shipping list on my wrist rather than constantly having to pull my phone of of my pocket? Killer feature.